Our background and work experiences are fundamentally people orientated. Our Leadership Consulting experience in a variety of organisations, including criminal justice, prisons and major projects have consistently encouraged us to lead authentically, instilling cultures of compassion and humanity in everything we do.

Leading large teams of staff in operational and non-operational settings have consistently presented a variety of challenges that have inspired us to continuously consider and develop our own leadership approach and styles.

Steve achieved his Master’s degree at Cambridge University and devoted his time there to intensely study humanitarian leadership and its effect on people and organisations. We have written a number of academic articles that encourage leaders to think differently about their style of leadership and advocate that those who have the privilege to lead across the world in all organisations should lead differently, more creatively and more com passionately.

Our team have presented lectures at a variety of events, conferences along with schools and colleges. We have spoken publicly regarding leadership, the varying styles and approaches and have gained a number of awards that recognise our commitment to encouraging a style of leadership that has benevolence and altruism at its core.

We are committed to our own personal and team strengthening to continuously develop our own capacity and resilience to be compassionate and kind, with ourselves, each other and of course others. We continuously support and promote a values-based approach within our company.

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We are committed to our own personal and team strengthening to continuously develop our own capacity


We recognise that there is often a sense of absence in regards to how individuals, companies and…


We are a dynamic leadership practice supporting leaders to overcome complex challenges by adopting a leaders mindset