Emerging Leaders

This course consists of three modules which concentrate on a number of components that include an understanding and introduction to compassionate leadership.

It also considers how emerging leaders can lead and develop themselves, and how importantly they consider their values, standards and working principles. Emerging leaders will learn how being inclusive, involving and enabling will support team and individual effectiveness and success. We will teach you how to communicate clearly and effectively, whether this is to individuals or larger groups of people. Importantly, compassionate leaders use their authority in the right way, we will teach you why this is crucial in any leadership situation. ultimately, we will teach you how being an inspirational leader can transform the working lives of your teams and the performance and future of your organisations. There is so much more to teach you.


Inspirational Leadership

This course consists of three modules that set out the important components of how established leaders can lead more inspirationally and effect organisational cultural change, by creating safe and trusting environments and nurturing your teams to get their best.

We will show you how to attract and select the right people through recruitment and selection processes. Furthermore, we will teach you how to create truly collaborative environments where individuals and wider teams learn from one another, encouraging a much wider expertise and experience base.

This course also considers why supporting poor performance rather than ‘challenging’ encourages teams and individuals to do much better, and why creating an opportunity driven environment nurtures development of staff and even future leaders. We will encourage you to consider the strapline ‘Go to work happy, go home happy’

Again, there is so much more to inspirational leadership, it is a fascinating and sought after leadership style that works well in all organisations.


Action Learning Sets (ALS)

ALS’ are a structured approach to problem-solving and personal leadership development used in organisations to tackle real-world organisational and personal challenges while simultaneously developing leaders’ skills and capabilities.

They include a focus on each participant bringing a real, and usually complex problem from their work environment that they are responsible for addressing. The core method involves the others in the set to ask insightful questions rather than giving advice, participants then support the ‘issue owner’ to think more deeply about their problem and come up with alternative solutions. Reflection on both the problem and the process is crucial to developing a leadership style that is more considerate, and one that focuses on problem solving.

These ‘sets’ usually consist of 4-8 people and they essentially create a cycle of action, reflection, learning, and then further action. Our facilitator often guides the process, ensuring that the sessions remain focused and that all participants engage meaningfully. The facilitator also helps maintain the group’s dynamics and supports the development of questioning and reflective skills.


Public Speaking

Public speaking can be particularly challenging for many people due to a combination of psychological, physiological, and experiential factors.

Some of the key reasons why public speaking is difficult for some individuals include, the fear of judgment, lack of experience, poor preparation along with feeling pressure are just some of the issues why public speaking can feel so difficult for some people.

We can support individuals’ public speaking confidence by explaining the fundamentals, preparation techniques, body language. Learning to engage your audience, whether this is a simple team briefing, speaking at conferences or lectures is not always that easy, but we can help you to build this confidence in a safe environment, and of course celebrate with you when this skill feels less daunting.


Workforce Planning

Enhancing and improving workforce planning strategies supports organisations in numerous ways by ensuring that they have the right number of people, with the right skills, in the right roles at the right time.

It also supports alignment to organisational strategic goals and ambitions, and improves cost effectiveness. It also encourages employee development and engagement objectives and in turn improves recruitment and importantly retention strategies. It provides leaders of organisations with confidence regarding future proofing and risk management principles.


Building Effective Teams

Building great and effective teams with compassionate leadership involves a combination of empathy, clear communication, and supportive practices. leaders with empathy often foster and encourage cultures of trust and safety.

They set decision making at the right level and inspire environments of autonomy and independence. They continuously provide the right support and resources to overcome issues, supporting the achieving of goals. Effective teams recognise collaborative working practices as very positive and appreciate an inclusive environment where everyone’s voice is heard. Effective teams also know that their health, wellbeing and overall work-life balance is something that is continuously considered.


Improving Organisational Culture

Improving organisational culture is a multifaceted process that requires strategic planning, consistent effort, and genuine commitment from leadership.

We will teach you to better understand your organisations culture by creating a ‘voice’ driven future strategy. Listening to your teams is a significant strength and one of the main components of understanding culture. Defining clear values and principles that emerge from listening, along with leaders modelling the right behaviours will become a standard approach for your organisation improvement ambitions. Developing employee feedback approaches and fostering open communication lines with less visible hierarchical lines, with genuine recognition and reward programs will transform your organisation and more importantly your teams.

All of these standard factors, when supported by enhancing your workplace environment and by being more inclusive will significantly alter and boost all aspects of workplace delivery and performance.


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